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Parents did not think they needed a special education advocate

For four years his parents did not think they needed a special education advocate representing them at the IEP meetings. For four years they had know idea to what extent the IEPs were ignoring their son’s learning problems and inhibiting his academic progress, stunting social skills, and self worth. I encourage you to read their ... Continue Reading »

Learning In A Safe Environment | Educational Consultant

Parents realize IEP problems

As parents of a special needs child, we want and need to believe that our child’s IEP is a sound representation of the child’s academic, social, and emotional needs because we are told so by the experts. It took us a few years before we as parents realized IEP problems.   Our son is in ... A few years ago when we first started the IEP process, it was a “feel good situation,” and we felt our son’s needs were surely being met. Over the years, however, we’ve noticed his academic growth has been slipping. »


A minimum of Three IEP meetings per Year

Having a minimum of three IEP meetings per year certainly provides the opportunity to look back over a school year and analyze how and why your child has progressed to where they are is invaluable. It’s also a powerful opportunity to brain storm and discuss your concerns and questions with professionals who have spent many months teaching your child. Read why three IEP meetings per year are necessary »

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Transition Programs

Resource Education Solutions Back In The Future Transition Programs As parents, we want our children to be satisfied and interactive with their education, work, spiritual life, social connections, recreation, physical health, and emotional well-being. All of these individual components are an important part of our transition program. Our transition program contribute to and determine “a ... Excellent transition program for students with developmental disabilities »


Parents IEP rights are protected.

Right to be notified and present at all meetings before the agency initiates or changes (or refuses to initiate or change) the identification, evaluation, placement or provision of a free appropriate public education for your child. We make sure parents IEP rights are respected and implemented. »

Learning In A Safe Environment | Educational Consultant

Educational Consultants Emphasize The Importance Of Learning In A Safe Environment

Bullying of a student with a disability that results in the student not receiving meaningful educational benefit constitutes a denial of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) under the IDEA that must be remedied. Students with disabilities are disproportionately affected by bullying »

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Adult With Aspergers Draws First Blood

Drawing First Blood When was the last time you saw an adolescent or teenager who was always on their best behavior? I’ll wait. As an Adult with Aspergers, I can, and will, stand toe-to-toe against anyone who says just Asperger’s kids have issues with social skills. What should make an adult is learning how not ... An Adult with Aspergers social point of view »

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Asperger Adults Can Speak For Themselves

“For all Asperger Adults, we are not broken.” ” I work, have a family, I am happy”. “I can speak for myself, I do not need someone to speak for me”. Asperger Adults »