“My philosophy about Asperger’s is simple: it’s an obstacle course, not a disability”

“All parents really want is to be able to take one step back at a time so that their kids can handle more and more responsibility. It took me longer than it should have to see that parents worth their salt are on the same page as me and others capable of standing up for themselves. At one time, I felt that everyone was scrutinizing my every move instead of letting me be”. Read more from a highly educated and successful adult who has Asperger Syndrome »

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“Parents have the right to demand educational approaches that work”

Academic modifications are topically only implemented through the IEP, its very rare to see a 504 plan discuss modifications to school curriculum. As a team member of the IEP and 504 meetings, parents have a legal right to suggest and request teaching strategy, accommodation, and or modification, that they believe will help their child. Continue Reading »

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“This is one of the rare times you will have to look someone in the eye when you stand nearby them”

Dating Issues of the Asperger Adult, by Simon Huebner. Someone out there like you…Yeah, you. Log off the internet. That’s my best dating advice. I was curious enough to Google JDate and Tinder, but not curious enough to sign up myself. Even if I replay moments in my head that I could have handled differently, there’s ... Continue Reading »

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“The farther away we grow from being kids, the more we face profound challenges”

As an Asperger adult I might not often express love and kindness, but I know I can provide a positive atmosphere for someone who feels broken down by the world and has to be built up. Continue Reading »

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“Asperger’s is like having a rocket throwing arm”

Asperger’s is like having a rocket throwing arm with dreadful accuracy and footwork. Keeping a balance with things I enjoy has helped me guard against feeling like I’m stuck in the mud like a tire without traction. Continue Reading »

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Asperger Students Need Fulfillment More Than Typical Students

The feeling of fulfillment for the Aspergers population is elusive; and this population is fulfillment driven. All students would benefit, and especially the Asperger population if the school system incorporated the feeling of fulfillment even when the student is struggling. Continue Reading »

The purpose of stay-put is to protect the child while the adults in the child’s life try to resolve their disagreement about what is appropriate.

Parents are ill equipped to battle the monolith of school district’s resources.  The struggle of parents, faced with parenting a child with a disability on a day by day basis, cannot be overstated nor minimized. Clearly, due process protections, including “stay put” must remain available to protect the legal and civil rights of children with disabilities. The purpose of stay-put is to protect the child while the adults in the child’s life try to resolve their disagreement about what is appropriate. Continue Reading »

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For far too long, people with disabilities who can and want to work and engage in all aspects of community life have been underestimated…

The U.S. Department of Justice is cracking down after an investigation found that students with disabilities were unnecessarily segregated and forced to work for little or no pay for years in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition to school days, the workshop sometimes operated on weekends and at least one student said she was required to spend all day there at times in order to meet production deadlines. Continue Reading »