You and your child have rights which are protected by federal law.

Right to be notified and present at all meetings before the agency initiates or changes (or refuses to initiate or change) the identification, evaluation, placement or provision of a free appropriate public education for your child. We make sure parents rights are respected and implemented. »

Learning In A Safe Environment | Educational Consultant

Educational Consultants Emphasize The Importance Of Learning In A Safe Environment

Bullying of a student with a disability that results in the student not receiving meaningful educational benefit constitutes a denial of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) under the IDEA that must be remedied. Students with disabilities are disproportionately affected by bullying »

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Drawing First Blood

There should be a universal sign for when someone is offended or needs a break that isn’t coming. When was the last time you saw an adolescent or teenager who was always on their best behavior?   I’ll wait.  Interesting idea »

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Asperger Adults Can Speak For Themselves

“I am autistic, I am not broke.” ” I work, have a family, I am happy”. “I can speak for myself, I do not need someone to speak for me”. "Be inspired" »

“My philosophy about Asperger’s is simple: it’s an obstacle course, not a disability”

  by Simon Huebner In or Out? Autism Speaks and everyone else can’t make up their minds. I’d rather not repeat myself on my site when I have something to say. I already recorded a podcast about groups such as Autism Speaks and the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. I’m not going to imitate what feels like ... Read more from a highly educated and successful adult who has Asperger Syndrome »

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“Parents have the right to demand educational approaches that work”

Academic modifications are topically only implemented through the IEP, its very rare to see a 504 plan discuss modifications to school curriculum. As a team member of the IEP and 504 meetings, parents have a legal right to suggest and request teaching strategy, accommodation, and or modification, that they believe will help their child. Continue Reading »

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“This is one of the rare times you will have to look someone in the eye when you stand nearby them”

Dating Issues of the Asperger Adult, by Simon Huebner. Someone out there like you…Yeah, you. Log off the internet. That’s my best dating advice. I was curious enough to Google JDate and Tinder, but not curious enough to sign up myself. Even if I replay moments in my head that I could have handled differently, there’s ... Continue Reading »

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“The farther away we grow from being kids, the more we face profound challenges”

As an Asperger adult I might not often express love and kindness, but I know I can provide a positive atmosphere for someone who feels broken down by the world and has to be built up. Continue Reading »